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November 17, 2016

Podcast: Minnesota’s e-health initiative and informatics in action at the local level

Me (left) with Cathy Gagné (right) at the Public Health Informatics Conference in 2016. 

While I was at the NACCHO Annual Meeting this past July, I saw a presentation about Minnesota’s e-health initiative. Cathy Gagné from the Saint Paul-Ramsey Department of Public Health and Shirley Schoening Scheuler from the Minnesota Department of Health gave a presentation about their state’s e-health roadmap and the examples of electronic data sharing in various counties. I asked Cathy if she would be willing to be a guest on the podcast to talk more about informatics at the local level. I was very grateful that she agreed to record with me the following month when she was in Atlanta for the Public Health Informatics Conference.

In this episode, Cathy describes ways local health departments, hospitals, clinics and other service agencies can work together to share information and to provide more complete and cohesive care to their clients. She talks about her work with Minnesota’s e-health roadmap, and why individuals remain at the center of her state’s approach to e-health. Cathy also describes how informatics makes it possible to share students’ asthma action plans with school nurses, outlines some of the challenges in designing information systems to support home visiting nurses, and explains why ATD messages are “huge” in her state.

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