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Workforce Development

We support workforce development through skill-building. We provide applied informatics training to public health practitioners to increase their ability to strategically collect, manage and use information to support public health practice. 

PHII’s Informatics Academy serves the professional education needs of practitioners in the field. The Academy delivers practice-based training sessions, online learning solutions, and downloadable resources.  We provide training solutions that can be applied to meet the informatics demands of an evolving e-health world.

Examples of workforce development

Informatics for Everyone

PHII developed this series of videos in partnership with the deBeaumont Foundation. The series explains informatics using engaging animations from the perspectives of practitioners, program managers and senior leaders. See the videos here.

Template Informatics Job Descriptions

As the need for informatics expertise grows, so does the need for informatics job descriptions. PHII partnered with CDC, ASTHO and NACCHO to develop four template job descriptions, from entry level to Chief Informatics Officer for an agency. Download the templates here.

Applied Public Health Informatics Curriculum Framework

PHII worked with informatics thought leaders to develop a comprehensive curriculum that supports academic institutions in creating or enhancing public health informatics course work. The framework is competency-based and provides the knowledge and skills needed in state and local health departments today. The curriculum contains 10 public health competency-based modules. Download the preface and the complete set of modules.